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About our activities

Pecan Manor has the ideal setup and location for multiple teambuilding activities. We have a long and good standing relationship with Enigma Adventures that hosts all our teambuilding events and activities for the ultimate experience!

We are in partnership with Enigma Adventures

Here are some activities we have to offer:

  • Survival Challenge
  • Archery
  • Inflatables
  • Draadkar Races
  • AfriWood
  • Spud Scud
  • Drumming
  • Boomwhacking
  • Gumboot Dancing
  • Mobile Massage
  • GPS Orientation
  • The Awesome Race
  • Just Paint
  • The Recession Fashion Show
  • In It to Win It
  • Wine Blending
  • Guess the Blend
  • Coffee Blending
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Designer Bricks
  • The Rubbish Conductor
  • You are the Star
  • Mind Games